Communication Objectives

My article discusses the topic of vaccinations becoming a requirement for child benefits from the Australian Government. From this article, I would like for my image to communicate the ideas of government, welfare, medicine/vaccines and money. I believe these are the main concepts that can be taken away from the discussion within the article. There are a range of methods in which I would like to communicate these ideas, including the use of isolated colour, semiotics, allusions to religious figures and iconography, composition and style. In terms of colour, I would like to use a very limited and isolated colour palette. For example, to interpret the idea of medicine and vaccinations, I would like to use a brightly coloured examination glove – this is appropriate as bright blue examination gloves are quite commonly seen throughout various media outlets and advertising. I would like to keep to a simple and complementary colour palette. In terms of a complementary colour palette, I would like to use the traditional blue/orange combination as this is easy to work with and guaranteed to work well together. In regards to semiotics, I would like to make allusions to religious iconography, but perhaps not the more traditional means of using ‘crosses’ or ‘angels’. What I would like to do, is take religious imagery from classic paintings, and the classic painting I have in mind is the ‘Creation of Adam – Hand of God’ of the Sistine Chapel. This painting is also the inspiration for the composition of my image, as I would like hands to be the central focus for my image. In terms of style, I would like to keep my image simple and minimalist – this is maybe more of a personal preference – however I do believe that if I am to re-create the ‘Hand of God’ composition as my focal point, then I would need to keep the rest of my image simple and underrated. For the content that I will have in my Image, I would like to use a child’s hand as ‘Adam’s’ hand, and an adults hand, with a glove over it, as ‘God’s’ hand giving a vaccination. However, instead of a vaccination I would like for money to come out of the syringe, communicating the idea that what you are really getting from vaccinations is money, rather than health benefits.


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