Research #4 – Composition

In regards to my image, and how successfully I can communicate the message contained within my article, I believe composition is of paramount importance. I have conducted research in to composition and come up with some notes for successful composition within design.

From ‘’ – Composition and the Elements of Visual Design:

  • Organizing the various elements within the frame of the viewfinder in order to create an effective design is more challenging than it might seem at first. A painter can position the elements where they want, whereas a photographer must search, find and organize visual elements within the camera viewfinder.

From ‘’ – An Introduction to Composition:

  • Composition is about laying out all your ideas and design elements into a whole; composing your design.
  • A design principle used in photography and film-making (and much more), the rule of thirds is a good compositional layout for designing. The rule of thirds is a guideline which proposes that an image should be split into nine equal parts (three across, three down) with elements of that image or design aligning to the edges of each of these parts.
  • Heavily involved with mathematics, the Golden Ratio (or Golden Section if you’d prefer to call it that) is one of the most recognisable (in name, at least) composition layouts or tools in any form of design. Often thought to be created by the Ancient Greeks (clever folk, they were) the Golden Ratio describes the relationship between two proportions. The Golden Ratio is 1.618(03398875…) and it seems that a lot of elements in nature are often found corresponding to this ratio. It’s therefore always something that is more reassuring and pleasing to our human eyes.
  • Because it is such a familiar pattern to us, it makes sense to try and use the golden ratio in our designs; to create an harmonious balance that just seems to feel right and make sense.

Composition is important because I intend to replicate the ‘Creation of Adam – Hand of God’ with the subjects of my image. If I do not compose my image in the same way that is contained within ‘Creation of Adam – Hand of God’, then the intended message of my image may be lost in translation. As a side note, I may also not need to do much in the way of setting up my composition, as I will replicating the previously mentioned painting. I also believe that in terms of composition, I will have to make sure that I think about it as I am taking the pictures – rather than when I get to the manipulation of my images. However, I still have to get the composition placement exactly right for the composition of my image subjects.


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