Concept Thumbnails


A. this first concept thumbnail represents an anonymous person who is getting an injection, however, what is in the syringe is almost like liquefied money.

B. The second concept contains a syringe with a normal vaccination fluid in it, however, when it drips out of the needle it will be money that comes out, and the drops are forming a notes in a puddle at the bottom.

C. The third thumbnail is a close-up of a syringe, and inside the syringe is are stacked coins.

D. The fourth concept has a coin being pushed through the needle of the syringe. It is similar to the first concept, where money is being transferred vie the syringe.

E. The fifth concept is the one that I will develop and the composition of the subject matter is an allusion to the ‘Creation of Adam – Hand of God’ fresco painting by Michelangelo.


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