Brief 2, Research 2: Design Inspiration

I really like the simplicity of this infographic – especially in terms of layout, colour and icon style. The layout is clear and concise, with bulk of the information toward the bottom of the infographic. I think having most of the information at the bottom is important for keeping the interest of your readers. If you have most of the information at the beginning your reader may lose interest trying to sift through an overload of text and images. I also think the colour palette of this infographic is very complementary, and the colours help to organise the information into different sections. The icon style is also very minimalist which integrates well with the design. From this infographic, I think what I might incorporate into my own is the layout of information.
‘The Healing Power of Cat Purrs’ by Gemma.
I think the visual style of this infographic really fits the topic. It has a very sophisticated and simplistic feel to it. I really like how red is used to highlight the headings of the various pieces of text – this also helps in the readability of the information being conveyed. I also like the fact that, even though this topic relates to cats, the main image of the infographic is a human body. However, the image of the cat is still quite strong and manages to draw your attention in. The neutral colour scheme of the background and the absence of patterns also helps the reader to focus in on the main images of the human and the cat.
‘Stealth Kitteh’
I really like this infographic and how it’s bold in using dark colours. The colours really help in conveying the topic/information convincingly. I also like how the cat is centered in the layout and the information is placed all around the icon of the cat. Like the previous two examples this infographic also uses colours to highlight different sections of information which helps with readability and comprehension for the viewer. I also like how the text information is separated using speech boxes. These speech boxes help in visually representing the information clearly, especially since the colour palette of this infographic very dark and almost monochromatic.

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