Brief 2, Research 5: Composition

Composition is a really important element of any infographic. Composition lets you get creative with the arrangement of your images and text and also helps with the readability of your infographic. One of the ideas I have for the composition of my infographic is to place my information around the formation/outline of a cat – but this is just an initial idea that I will develop later on with some sketches.

I have found some information on composition and layout within info-graphics from ‘piktochart‘, ‘smashingmagazine‘ and ‘1stwebdesigner‘.

  1. A page crammed full of text and images will appear busy. This makes the content difficult to read. It makes you unable to focus on the important stuff too. On the other hand, too much of white space can make your page look incomplete. It is always crucial to remember visually engaging content is usually clean and simple.
  2. When you begin working on a piece of infographic, you should have a story to tell hence, you will need to select a layout that best suits your story. Using the right layout will ensure good readability and convey your message well.
  3. When you have an opportunity to display information visually, take it.
  4. Any time a research number is provided to you for an infographic, ask yourself how it can be visualized.
  5. Wireframing an infographic enables you to work out a storyboard and layout for the design. You may have an idea of the story you want to tell, but as you start laying things out, you might hit a wall and have to start over.
  6. ou could also break up sections with borders, with backgrounds of different shapes or give the entire design a road or path theme.
  7. All good stories have a beginning, middle and end. Infographics deserve the same treatment. At the beginning of the infographic, introduce the problem or thesis. From there, back it up with data. Finally, end the infographic with a conclusion.

From this research, my next task is to wireframe and create thumbnails for possible infographic layout designs. I’m thinking that I may decide to do a vertical composition, but obviously I can play around with my options for composition by brainstorming some wireframes.


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