Concept Thumbnails


A. this first concept thumbnail represents an anonymous person who is getting an injection, however, what is in the syringe is almost like liquefied money.

B. The second concept contains a syringe with a normal vaccination fluid in it, however, when it drips out of the needle it will be money that comes out, and the drops are forming a notes in a puddle at the bottom.

C. The third thumbnail is a close-up of a syringe, and inside the syringe is are stacked coins.

D. The fourth concept has a coin being pushed through the needle of the syringe. It is similar to the first concept, where money is being transferred vie the syringe.

E. The fifth concept is the one that I will develop and the composition of the subject matter is an allusion to the ‘Creation of Adam – Hand of God’ fresco painting by Michelangelo.








This is quite literally a rough version of my image, but it shows the ‘Hand of God’ composition I’m trying to create. I’m thinking I might need to retake these photos as my high ISO has made them grainy… :S

Communication Objectives

My article discusses the topic of vaccinations becoming a requirement for child benefits from the Australian Government. From this article, I would like for my image to communicate the ideas of government, welfare, medicine/vaccines and money. I believe these are the main concepts that can be taken away from the discussion within the article. There are a range of methods in which I would like to communicate these ideas, including the use of isolated colour, semiotics, allusions to religious figures and iconography, composition and style. In terms of colour, I would like to use a very limited and isolated colour palette. For example, to interpret the idea of medicine and vaccinations, I would like to use a brightly coloured examination glove – this is appropriate as bright blue examination gloves are quite commonly seen throughout various media outlets and advertising. I would like to keep to a simple and complementary colour palette. In terms of a complementary colour palette, I would like to use the traditional blue/orange combination as this is easy to work with and guaranteed to work well together. In regards to semiotics, I would like to make allusions to religious iconography, but perhaps not the more traditional means of using ‘crosses’ or ‘angels’. What I would like to do, is take religious imagery from classic paintings, and the classic painting I have in mind is the ‘Creation of Adam – Hand of God’ of the Sistine Chapel. This painting is also the inspiration for the composition of my image, as I would like hands to be the central focus for my image. In terms of style, I would like to keep my image simple and minimalist – this is maybe more of a personal preference – however I do believe that if I am to re-create the ‘Hand of God’ composition as my focal point, then I would need to keep the rest of my image simple and underrated. For the content that I will have in my Image, I would like to use a child’s hand as ‘Adam’s’ hand, and an adults hand, with a glove over it, as ‘God’s’ hand giving a vaccination. However, instead of a vaccination I would like for money to come out of the syringe, communicating the idea that what you are really getting from vaccinations is money, rather than health benefits.

Article – Australia to Cut Child Benefits for Families Who Don’t Vaccinate

Australia to Cut Child Benefits for Families Who Don’t Vaccinate
– Huffington Post Canada, April 2015 (link)

I have chosen this article as I feel it would provide a rich range of potential imagery to develop into a digital manipulation. The article talks about the recent decision by the Australian Labour Government to deny child benefits to parents and families who choose not to vaccinate their children.

Some major points of discussion within the article:

  • If your child does not partake in regular vaccinations, you will loose government benefits.
  • However, if you are registered with a religious group that opposes vaccinations as part of their ideology, then you are exempt and will still receive benefits.
  • This law has come about because easily preventable diseases are spreading from individuals who do not get vaccinations.

My personal opinion on this article is that children, and all individuals, should be vaccinated unless they are unable to due to things such as allergic reactions to the vaccines themselves. When you do not get vaccinated, you put the people around you at risk which is irresponsible, especially if you do not vaccinate because of “religious” of false scientific beliefs.