Work in Progress 3

For the past week I have been thinking about layout and composition of my infographic and have come up with some wireframes. I will eventually choose 2 wireframes to develop into concepts this week as well.


I like the first, third and fourth wireframes. In terms of the first wire-frame the heading and subheading are located at the top, then the I will have an outline of a cat with cat facts inside it – outside of the large cat outline will be the process of the ‘cat righting reflex’ which follows a logical order downwards on the infographic. For the third wire-frame, there is the heading and subheading at the top and then for the bottom half of the infographic the ‘cat righting reflex’ process will follow a circular layout around a central/focus image. In regards to the fourth wire-frame, one half of the layout will have the heading, subheading and cat facts. The second half will contain the process of the ‘cat righting reflex’.


Work in Progress 2 – Information Flow

I think at this point in completion of the assignment, it is important to organise the various steps and bits of information that I will include in my infographic. I’ve just done a little flowchart in Photoshop putting the information into a logical process. The information in orange will be separate from the main explanation of the ‘cat righting reflex’ (and maybe I’ll add some extra cat facts but still not sure about that). This is still a work in progress and the flow of my information may change but it’s at least a starting point to help in organizing how to visually represent the information.


Work in Progress 1 – Info-graphic Idea

This week I have finally made a decision on a topic to do for my info-graphic. Basically, my info-graphic question is “How does the ‘cat righting reflex’ work?” or in simpler terms “How do cats always land on their feet?”. I have chosen this topic mainly because I would like to draw cats, but also because I find the theory behind the ‘cat righting reflex’ interesting.